You can make a difference right now in preserving the cherished lands you love. You can support the Katy Land Trust in a number of ways.

  • Learn more about what we do. You can read about our recent accomplishments here.
  • Consider protecting your land.┬áConsulting with the Katy Land Trust is free. We’ll be happy to explain your land protection options, tax benefits, and how land preservation can work for you.
  • Spread the word.┬áTell your friends, neighbors, and colleagues about the Katy. The Katy is the only land trust working specifically on this area, and many landowners are not aware of the benefits of land protection.
  • Make a purchase, with proceeds going to Katy Land Trust. When you shop at Peers Store or purchase something from our online shop, 100% of the proceeds go to the Katy Land Trust.
  • Donate. As a private nonprofit, your support is crucial to our efforts. Individual donations are what makes our work possible. Click the “Donate Now!” button below to make a donation.


Thank you for your support! We rely on you to help preserve our most cherished lands in the Katy region.

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