Highlights from Peers-to-Treloar!

Feedback on the Fun: Peers-to-Treloar Highlights

Here is a wonderful article written by Cindy Gladden for the Warren County Record containing some highlights of the Peers-to-Treloar party.

We hope you were able to enjoy this time with us, but, if not, we have plenty of fun in store for you in the future. We can’t wait to do this again! Now, sit back and enjoy some pictures from the Peers-to-Treloar party.

It was a gorgeous fall day.


Amazing music filled the air, and many adventures were had!



Post-Dispatch columnist Tony Messenger on the story behind the stories

Learn about the story behind the story!

Growing up With the River: Nine Generations on the Missouri


Have you ever wondered what motivated Dan and Connie Burkhardt, the founders of KLT, to pour their hearts into the creation of  Growing up with the River? Well, wonder no more! As Connie Burkhardt says:

“It’s about getting people to love the river.”

Take a peek at this insightful article by Tony Messenger to learn more about the story behind the story here! 


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Honeysuckle Song

“Diggin’ Up That Honeysuckle” by Gloria Attoun

Our friend and local artist Gloria Attoun has performed at the Peers Store, with her next performance coming up in September. Be sure to catch her live on the porch at the Peers Store!

This song was inspired by the abundance of honeysuckle that has grown on Gloria Attoun’s own property. Bush honeysuckle is invasive and destructive, posing a serious threat to our Missouri countryside and local landowners like Gloria.

Peers Store video: Live Music and Local Art Every Weekend

Join in the festivities at the Peers Store this weekend – live music and local art on display every weekend in until the end of October!

Check out the video below! This is the perfect example of what happens at Peer Store Days – local artist Billyo O’Donnell took this video of himself painting the live music scene over the weekend. Enjoy!

Click this link to see the video: Peers Store Missouri

Peers Store is celebrating the Katy Trail’s 25th Birthday

From June to November, the newly-renovated Peers Store will be open to celebrate the 25th Birthday of the Katy Trail and to display the artwork and photography that the Missouri River Valley inspires.

Learn about the history of Peers, Missouri, and the historic Peers Store in the Peers Store Brochure.

You can also learn about the Peers Store Open House and other updates at the Missouri Humanities Council website.