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Conservation and fun with music on the porch, right on the Katy Trail!!
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Bethlehem Valley Vineyards

As the powerful Missouri River wound its way from Montana to its confluence with the Mississippi, it created a spectacular and fertile valley west of St. Louis.  The Katy Trail provides a way to see the Missouri River valley – with its limestone bluffs, sweeping river bottom farms, woodlands and historic railroad towns — from a perspective like no other.

The Katy Land Trust strives to make all Missourians more aware of the need to conserve these remarkable vistas. Missouri’s water, agricultural resources and natural scenic beauty are some of the state’s greatest assets.  We believe that if we truly understand the value of these assets, we will be motivated to conserve them for future generations of Missourians.




“Growing Up with the River: Nine Generations on the Missouri”

“Growing Up with the River” takes a brief look at each of the nine generations that have grown up in nine different communities since Lewis and Clark plied the river for their epic Voyage of Discovery. Read on to learn more about history and conservation along the Missouri River!

Written by Dan & Connie Burkhardt, Illustrations by Bryan Haynes

Purchase the book online online here or at these retail locations.