Welcome to the Katy Land Trust

icon_mailinglist_klt-ip2The mission of the Katy Land Trust is to conserve the farms and forests along the Katy Trail and the Missouri River from Hermann to the Confluence.

We invite you to learn more about our current projects and get inspired to help us protect the agricultural, scenic, and natural resources along the Missouri River.

  • Check out our work with landowners. As a land trust, we work with landowners to discuss how their farms and forests can be protected from
    future development with conservation easements. Just as important, we work
    About1-300x200to educate all Missourians about the incredible natural resources we have, just
    outside the city limits.
  • Read our book. We believe that it’s valuable for Missourians to understand why and how the farms, forests and river bluffs along the Missouri River and the Katy Trail can be conserved for future generations. That’s one reason we created Missouri River Country, a coffee-table book that tells the stories of this area and reveals the art, architecture, food, wine, history and agriculture that make this area worthy of conserving. To learn more about this book and the land the Katy Land Trust conserves, order the book or take a look at our photo gallery.


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KLT Featured on Nine Network
video_thumb_250The Nine Network featured the Katy Land Trust on its television show Living St. Louis. In this report, Patrick Murphy shares The Katy Land Trust story.